Wood Chip Films are based in Edinburgh but work across the UK. We specialise in video production and editing to create the narrative that you need to tell your story. That story may be about social change, increasing the reach of a brand or coverage of a live performance, but it all boils down to the people behind the story and this is where Wood Chip excels. 

Have a look at our showreel above to get an idea of the projects we've worked on. It covers events such as the First Footing at the McManus Galleries in Dundee, OneKind's march to ban fox hunting in Scotland, Tinderbox Orchestras performance at Hidden Door Festival and much more. Check out the Our Work section for more content. 


Wood Chip will help you with everything from creating the concept of your video to the final edit of your project. With video content being more popular, and important, than ever we will also advise on the best strategy and platforms to get the best results from your commissioned content.

Wood Chip Films 

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